Alexander Devon Hurt : Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wikipedia & Family

When talking about celebrities children, you are bound to make mention of Alexander Devon Hurt name. His father William McChord Hurt, who has featured in many movies is most popular for his frequent in the marvel movie universe.

When making mention about dead famous popular actors, William McChord Hurt can’t be sidelined. The legends won tons of recognitions awards including an Oscar. Sadly Alexander Devon Hurt father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in may 2018.  Now enough about the father let’s talk about our main man Alexander Devon

Alexander Devon Hurt


Alexander Devon Hurt is an American actor, he was born in the year 1989 by William McChord Hurt and Sandra Jennings. The american actor who is now late is been survived by his son who is following his footsteps diligently.

The star had featured in so many movie and tv series, some of which includes bonding, minyan, wooden seas and many other more. Since his debut in his first movie, the actor has been doing well in the entertainment industry. 


The American movie star did not precisely disclose a particular month as his date of birth, however online research made it known that he is currently 39 years old. So the only information we could gather was his actual age. 

Alex Hurt Wife

As we all know the actor is quite private with his lifestyle due to this, we don’t have information about his marital status, the actor has not disclosed whether he is single, married or divorced. But who knows maybe news about his married status will be disclosed in the nearest future. 

Alexander Devon Hurt Net worth

The actor is quite successful in the entertainment industry, with his main job been acting, he has a total sum of $3 million dollars as his net worth. However you should know that the actor may have other properties in his name that he did not announce, as we all know he likes a quiet lifestyle. 


The actor was given birth to by  William Hurt and Sandra Jennings. The actor also has three step siblings which are from another father named William Hurt, Samuel Hurt and Jeanne Bonnaire-Hurt.

The actor broke the news of his father’s death on 13th of march 2022, where he said “he died peacefully among family of natural causes“. After breaking this news, he requested the fans and the media to pls hive the family some privacy. 

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Is Alex Hurt Related To William Hurt?


Yes, Alex Hurt is the Son of William Hurt and Sandra Jennings. The popular American actor who passed away on 13th of march 2022.

Does William Hurt have A brother?

Alex hurt father has 2 brothers. Sadly we couldn’t gather much information about them as it’s not disclosed on the internet. 

What caused William Hurt’s death?

Alexander Devon Hurt revealed on 13th of march 2022 that William hurt died of natural causes, but there has been stirs online that he actually died of prostrate cancer.


Sadly, this is all the information we could gather about Alex hurt. The american actor doesn’t always reveal his private life’s on the social media. But we assure you more information will be revealed here in the nearest Future.