Barbara Hackett Illness ( What Disease Does She Have )

Barbara Hackett is the wife of former mayor of Toronto, John Howard Tory is a well known builder and renovator of homes in Canada” Sadly the woman has been battling with an illness since 1991. What’s the sickness, and how is she coping? Stick with us and you will get to know.

Barbara Hackett’s husband John Howard Tory who is the 65th mayor of Toronto was born on may 24 1954, he first contested for the office of Toronto Mayor in 2003 which he was defeated by David Miller. Since then his political career has been growing. In 2004, Tony became the Ontario PC leader which he left the office in 2009.

The politician and businessman then started the CFRB radio talk show. In 2014, Tony was elected as the 65th mayor of Toronto, but he dropped his resignation letter in 2023 after confessing he has been having extramarital affairs with a former staffer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He revealed in one of his statements that he thinks resigning from the seat of Toronto’s mayor is the best thing he could do to atone for his sin, moving forward he apologized to the people and his family. 

Barbara Hackett Illness


John Tory and Barbara Hackett first  met each other at York university in 1976 while they were both studying law, they fell in love with each other and married in 1978.

The couples had 4 children named John Jr, Chris, Susan, and George together. John Jr is also said to be following in their fathers footsteps as a businessman, same goes with Chris and Susan. 

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What Disease Does Barbara Hackett have?


Barbara was diagnosed of Guillain-Barre syndrome ( GBS ) in 1991, The disease which is said to happen when the immune system tends to attack the peripheral nervous system cure hasn’t been discovered.  The former Mayors wife current condition have not been revealed to the press but we assume she is doing great.