Meet ” Bernabé Martí Jr. The Son Of Montserrat Caballé’s

Bernabé Martínez Remacha is the father of Martí Jr. he was a Spanish Aragonese who chose operatic tenor as a profession. He was also the husband of the late Montserrat Caballé. The opera singer was born on November 14, 1928, in Villarroya de la Sierra, Aragon, Spain.

He trained with saxophone during his early musical training with a municipal band.  To know more about Bernebé Martí Jr Father and siblings, keep scrolling

Bernabé Martí Jr. Parents


Bernebé Martí Jr is recognized as the son of Bernabé Martínez Ramacha and Montserrat Caballé, the two couples married in 1964, unfortunately she died before her husband in 2018.

In 1960, Martí performed at the Liceu in Barcelona during the premiere of El cap de drac by the honorable Ricard Lamote de Grignon. Not much information is available about Montserrat Caballé. 

Bernabé Martí Jr Sibling(How Many Siblings Does He Have?)


Bernabé Martí Jr Only has one sister named Montserrat Martí , the two parents like naming their children after them, Bernabé Martí Jr was named after his father while her sister Montserrat was named after their mother. Montserrat Martí on the other hand was born on November 15 1972  in Barcelona, Spain.

She is currently 49 years old. Not much information about her career was found. But before her mother died, both of them sang together on a show in London and recorded some songs together. Recently, we discovered that Montserrat has a daughter with her second husband, Daniel Faidella.

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Bernabé Martí Jr occupation


Although the family is known for their great talent in singing, we haven’t seen Martí Jr sang before, In fact nothing about his career life had been released to the press.

But his sister on the other hand made her first appearance as a singer in 1993. but we don’t know if she later took music as a profession because she only used to sing alongside her mother before she passed away.