Charlie Kingery Wife ( Everything About Officer Kingery Wife )

Officer Kingery married Christine Kingery 10 years ago. The couple are blessed with two amazing children, Landon and Audra. The famous cop grew up in Beech Grove where he attended Franklin College. During his college days, officer Kingery was well known for his baseball skills.

According to a statement made by him, he said he had an uncle who worked as an undercover and that has inspired and kicked up the passion he has for becoming a cop.

He started protecting the citizens of America as a cop On May 6, 2018, in a division based in Lawrence, Indiana. The police officer is famous on ticktock and Instagram for uploading his dance videos and cracking jokes with his daughters. 

Who Is Officer Kingery’s Wife? 


Officer Kingery married Christine ten years ago, the two love birds are blessed with two children named Landon and Audra. We couldn’t find anything about Christine’s age or her birthday date online, however we will let you know if any news about her birth date surfaces online.

Christine is known to have worked as the coordinator of an event planning company named Christine Kingery Events which is based at Indiana. Sadly this is all the information we could gather about her. 

Christine Kingery Husband : Net worth


We haven’t found a fixed amount as Charlie’s Kingery net worth, but as an average cop in the United States, you are expected to earn at least $54616 annually. Since Kingery started working as a cop in 2018, he may have accumulated a lot of money.

What is the situation with Officer Charlie Kingery Wife?


Officer Kingery was accuse of sexual assault, but not much of information was revealed to the press. Apparently, he was also involved in a confrontation between two males at Greenwood.

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How Old Is Christine Kingery’s Husband?


Christine Kingery husband Charlie Kingery Is a 34 year old man from Indianapolis, United States. 

How many kids does Charlie Kingery have?

Officer Kingery Wife

Kingery and his wife Christine  had two children together, Landon, and Audra .