Jimboboiii Twitch Video – Buffalo NY Shooting News

An 18 year old Payton Gendron known for his massacre at buffalo market, gendron with stage name Jimboboiii has been arrested for killing at least 10 people, which he Life streamed everything on twitch. According to the police report, Payton was dressed in heavy armor, a tactical gear, a tactical helmet, and a camera that he used to Livestream all his actions.

The police department confirmed that Payton was shot during his killing spree but due to his safety armor, the bullet did not have any effect on him. Why did Payton commit all these murder, which nationality is he, was he charged? Stick with us and the answer will be provided in this content

About Jimboboiii 


Jimboboiii real name is Payton Gendoron, before his killing spree in Buffalo market, he was known for his life streams on twitch. He lives in Conklin, New York, about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, Not much information about his family member has been disclosed. 

Payton published a 180-page manifesto where he stated his racist and anti-Semitic feelings, which he blamed to be the reason why his hatred for black manifested, he added that popular online forum 4chan wasn’t exempted.

Payton was charged with murder which he pleaded not guilty. It was revealed that Jimboboiii has been planning this attacks on a secret discord group. According to is 180 page manifesto he titled the attack “great replacement theory”. 

According to the american law of owning a fire arm, Payton shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm as he had been held for a mental health-evaluation a year before his killing spree after threatening some of his fellow student in high school. 


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May 14th 2022 is a day to remember in the American history as an 18-year-old Caucasian boy whose name is Payton Gendoron shot and killed at least ten people and injured three more in Buffalo, New york city. According to our findings, Paxton whose online handle is “Jimboboiii,” had been planning this attacks for months. He was bold enough to life stream the entire incident which was used as an evidence against him.