John Tory Wife Illness ( All You Need To Know )

John Tory is the former mayor of Toronto, married a beautiful woman named Barbara Hackett’s in 1978, the couple met in the university where they fell in love with each other and decided to take the relationship to the next level. You can call Tony many things as he is into many professions.

He Is a lawyer, businessman, broadcaster, and also a politician who served as the 65th mayor of Toronto before he resigned in Feb 2023 due to the allegations of having extramarital affair with a staffer during the COVID-19 pandemic which he confessed he was guilty of.

The Former mayor confessed that he had a months long relationship with one of his former staffers which he confessed was a serious error of judgment. Apparently he thought the best thing to do after committing this atrocity is to resign as the Mayor, he apologized to the people of the city and also to his family. Now let’s stop beating around the bush and give you a lengthy information about John Tory Wife health.

John Tory Wife Illness 


In 1991, John Tory’s Wife, Barbara Hackett was diagnosed with a disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome ( GBS ). The disease which is said to be as a result of the immune system attacking the peripheral nervous system, usually leads to muscle weakness. 

What is John Tory’s Wife’s Illness Syndrome?


The Former mayor’s wife is suffering from a Rare sickness named Guillain-Barre syndrome ( GBS ). The sickness is a  neurological disorder in which the carrier’s immune system mistakenly attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. 

John Tory Wife


The former Toronto Mayor married a renovator and homebuilder named Barbara Hackett’s, the two love birds met 1976 at York University where they studied law and business together. They got married on 27 May 1978 2 years after meeting each other. 

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John Tory Wife Children


After marrying in 1978, Barbara and John Tory had four children named John Jr, Chris, Susan, and George together. Our research made it known that most of their children are following their parents footsteps as business men  and business women.