Kaia Wright Net Worth In 2023

Nowadays, people are mostly famous because they are either working in the entertainment industry or being a politician. But Kaia Wright is famous because of her husband Matt wright. Matt Wright is a crocodile hunter, who is also into modeling and powerhouse.

He likes to be with creatures that majority of us won’t even get close to,  Apart from being a wildlife lover, Matt is also a chopper pilot. All these added together are part of what made Kaia Wright very popular. Now let’s give you details about her net worth, families, children, occupation and other interesting facts about her.

Who Is Kaia Wright?


Kaia Wright as stated above is the wife of a crocodile hunter matt wright, A writer by hobby and by trade. Kaia recently shared a video online as she was doing a croc taking presentation,  And she revealed that it wouldn’t have been possible if she  wasn’t trained by her husband. Everybody knows her husband as an Australia’s Monster Croc Wrangler. Matt Wright is known for engaging in different types of occupations. News as it that Matt has been fearless of wild animals since he was a child.

He always look comfortable and calm in pictures and videos of him with insects, sharks, and poisonous snakes. Moving forward, Matt has also been able to work at the Australian military, oil rig specialist, an Australian Army soldier, a crocodile egg authority. With these titles and occupation, it’s no surprise that his wife is popular because of him.

Kaia Wright Net worth


Kaia Wright Net worth has not been confirmed yet, but a source made it known that the couple’s net worth is up to $500,000 to $1million.

Kaia Wright Age


Unfortunately we don’t really know her specific age as she did not disclose that online. But looking at her recent videos and pictures, it’s no lie if we say she is around 28 to 30 years old. 

Kaia Wright Family


Kaia Wright is married to Matt who is now 42 years old and was  born in 1979. He spent his childhood at the south shoreline of South Australia. The couple has a kid who is named Banjo. Sadly we couldn’t find much information about banjo online.

What Does Kaia Wright Do?


She is a writer who has written many books for Penguin, and some other publishing companies, and also a woman who has shown interest in her husband’s occupation. 

Where Is Kaia Wright Now?


As we all know that Celebrities like this don’t stay in one place, they are usually traveling or at one of their properties. But currently Kaia Wright is based in outback of Australia’s Northern Territory

How Did Kaia Wright Met Her Husband ?

The couple disclosed that they met each other on a boat near Rottnest Island in Western Australia in 2014.