Lachelle Jacobs, Josh Jacobs Mom (Verified Information)

Lachelle Jacobs is the mother of Josh Jacob, an American football player who plays as the running back for the Las Vegas Raiders in the American national football league.  Lachelle who is popular because of her son Joshua, is now on the Social Media spotlight as a celebrity mother.

Who Is Lachelle Jacobs Son? 


Lachelle is a mother of a popular American footballer named Joshua Jacobs, who plays for Las Vegas as their running back. Josh has been popular for the skills he displayed when he played college football in Alabama.

In 2022, at NFL Josh was awarded the NFL’s first Jim Brown Award. The American footballer was born February 11, 1998, he was born and brought up in Alabama where he pursued his career as a football player. 

How Old Is Josh Jacobs Mother Lachelle Jacobs?

Lachelle Jacobs born February 1978 is now 45 years of age, she was born and brought up in the United States of America. Sadly we don’t know much about her birth parents or about how she spent her childhood. Lachelle is not famous until his son was drafted to play for Las Vegas American football team.

Who Is Lachelle Jacobs Husband? 

Lachelle Jacobs was married to martyr Jacobs, but sadly the love birds are no longer together and their marriage date as well as the reason for their divorce is unknown. Before their marriage ended, the two couples had five children together. They got divorced in 2006 and Lachelle won the custody of their 5 offsprings. 

Is Lachelle Currently Married ?

Not much of information was disclosed about her current marriage status, but after going through all her Social Media posts, it is safe if we say the celebrity mother is still single as we did not see anything related to her remarrying. 

What Does Lachelle Jacobs Do?

Although we don’t Know for sure what she is doing, but due to her social media posts, it seems she is a working woman. And also she posted a picture of her working at Iron Gate, a soup kitchen and grocery pantry located in downtown Tulsa, but it not for certain if she is working there or just a volunteer.

Frequently asked questions about Lachelle Jacobs

Who is Josh Jacobs mother?

Joshua Jacobs was conceived by Lachelle Jacobs on February 11 1998.

Why Is Lachelle Jacobs Famous 

Lachelle Jacobs is famous as a celebrity mother of Josh Jacobs a running back for Las Vegas Raiders.

Is Lachelle Jacobs Married ?

Currently she is not married, but she has been in a previous marriage with Josh Jacobs father before they divorce.

How Many Children Does Lachelle Jacobs Have?

She gave birth to 5 children with Josh father before they  divorce.