Luafo : Meaning Of “LUAFO” Word Used By Kanye West

What does luafo mean? Why do Kanye West often use “LUAFO”? That’s what you’re searching for right? Calm down as we disclose the meaning here.

Days after being banned on Twitter, Kanye west came out on Facebook and Instagram on his post describing how he felt about Elon Musk race. According to his post, he said if it’s left to him, he will describe Elon Musk the CEO of Twitter as an half Chinese.

He added that if you tends to look at Elon’s Childhood pictures, you will notice he is a product of a Chinese man and a South African supermodel. “Have you seen his pics as a child” ? The american actor included in his post.

Not only did he talked about Elon Musk been likely to be a half Chinese, he also talked about The Former president of American Barrack Obama implying that everybody knows he is a product of a mixed race.

He also added in his post that “I’M SORRY FOR USING CURSE WORDS IN CHURCH BUT I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER WORDS FOR OBAMA Yet”. He concluded his post with YE24 Let’s UNIFY AND FIND OUT LUAFO

Luafo Meaning

According to Kanye west, he used Luafo as an abbreviation for Let’s unify and find out. He also give the impression that he will be running for the post of American Presidential seat in 2024.