Margaret Asencio : Age, Wiki & Death ( Tito Puente Wife )

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be well recognized nowadays, you can either be a celebrity mother, son, daughter or wife and your popularity will still skyrocket. Margaret Asencio was married to Ernest Anthony Puente Jr. commonly known as Tito Puente, so it is safe if we say she is popular because of her husband’s fame.

The American  musician, bandleader, songwriter, and the producer of Puerto Rican descent became famous for his incredible dance-oriented mambo and Latin jazz compositions, and also for one of his songs titled “Oye Como Va”.

Tito Puente lived from April 20, 1923, to June 1, 2000. During the second world war in 1972, Puente served in the navy for three years which he received a Presidential Unit Citation after he was discharged. Now enough talking about Puente Jr, let’s focus on the main topic.

Who Is Margaret Asencio ? 


Margaret Asencio is the wife of the famous American singer Puente Jr, the couple married in 1963 and had two children, whose names are Audrey Puente and Tito Puente Jr. Unfortunately the marriage later ended in divorce with reasons that we do not know. Margaret stayed out of the spotlights, so not much information about her is out there.

Margaret Asencio Age


How old was Margaret Asencio before she passed away on March 7 2007? She was 50 year old.

Margaret Asencio Husband


American Singer Puente Jr born april 20, 1923, is the husband of Margaret Asencio. The Latin Jazz star was born in the United states, to the family of Ercilia Ortiz from Coamo and  Ernest Sr.

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When Was Tito Puente Born?

Tito Puente Jr was born on 20 April 1923 in the United States of America.

What Did Tito Puente Do For A living?


He was a successful musician, He served as a bandleader, composer, and musician who was one of the leading figures in Latin jazz. 

Was Tito Puente Married?

Yes, he married Margaret Asencio in 1963, but the two couples divorced before Tito died in 2000.

Tito Puente worth Before He Died?

Before the Jazz musician died, he had a total net worth of $5 million.