Who Is Marten Glotzbach?, Sarina Wigman’s Husband

The LIONESSES head coach Sarina Wigman’s has won the hearts of all England’s with her astonishing victory over Germany. After this wonderful performance, many people have developed an interest in her personal life. So if you are here to know about her husband Marten Glotzbach, keep scrolling.

Who is Marten Glotzbach


Marten Glotzbach is the husband to the LIONESSES head coach Sarina Wigman’s, his age or date of birth have not been revealed online but according to our observation, it seems she is around the same age with his wife who was born on October 26, 1969. Marten Glotzbach graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and commerce in 1994, he also included on his LinkedIn profile portfolio in 2006 that he now focus on economics. 

What Does Marten Glotzbach Do For A Living?


Marten revealed his interest in becoming a football coach and he proceeded with his coaching career by working as a youth coach and coordinator at HBS for almost 10 years. 

Sarina Wigman’s husband taught economics at Sebroek College in the Netherlands, where he also work as a football coach at the institution for 22 year’s. Not only did he serve as a coach in one of Netherlands most prestigious school, he also coached the Netherlands woman’s national team.

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Do Sarina Wigman And Martze Glotzbach Have Children Together?


The two couple had 2 children together, one named Sacha and the other named Lauren. The two daughters have been kept out of the spotlights so getting information about them is quite impossible.