Max Aaron Gottfried: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Another personality who we believe is popular because of a family member is Max Aaron, Max was born in the United States on the 18th of may 2009. The 14 year old is popular because of the famous American voice over actor and stand-up comedian, Gilbert Gottfried who happens to be his father. Sadly Gilbert Gottfried is now late, his demise has really shattered the heart of his loved ones. To learn more stuff about max, keep reading .

Family: Dara Kravitz is the name of his mother, she  mother is also popular as the voice of the parrot Disney Series Aladin. His father as we all know is the late Gilbert Gottfried who is a popular voice over actor and a  stand-up comedian. He passed away on April 12, 2022 due to repetitive ventricular tachycardia. In addition, Max also has an elder sister who is now 15 years old. No much information was disclosed about his grandparents and aunt’s.

Max Aaron Gottfried Age


Max was born on the 18th of may 2009, this implies he is currently 14 years old.

What’s Max Aaron Gottfried Net Worth?


Max is just a very young boy who have not started pursuing his career, but there are chances he may likely to follow his parents footsteps and also venture into the entertainment industry. Currently his net worth is not rated, but his father’s net worth is about $8 million before his demise. And Her mother’s net worth is believed to be $1million.

Marital Status: Max is not dating or married, he is single and too young to venture into marital relationships whatsoever.  Unlike his father who met his soulmate Dara Kravitz at Grammy Awards, Max has yet to reach the stage of marriage. 

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The Gilbert Gottfried family as we all know don’t like to stay in the spotlight, due to this, we couldn’t gather enough information about him. But with this, we now know that not only was the American entertainer good at what he does, he is also a perfect father.