Meet” John Torode Children: Casper Torode, Lulu Torode, Jonah Torode, & Marselle Torode

John Torode was born on July 23, 1965, in Melbourne, Australia. In the 1990s he relocated to the United Kingdom for reasons we are not aware of. John Douglas Torode is an Australian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and TV personality.

In 2005, he became the presenter of BBC One’s competitive cooking reality show, MasterChef, he was also one of the hosts of Junior MasterChef and Celebrity MasterChef. Smiths also owns two restaurants which he named Luxe and Smiths of Smithfield.

John is mostly popular because of his appearances on Tv shows, he has made guest appearances on shows like The Graham Norton Show, The One Show,  also The ITV British talk show, Loose Women, and their daytime program, and other shows. 

Who Is Casper Torode? 


Casper Torode is John Torode first son with Angela Torode, the two love birds had two children together before they separated. Unfortunately this all we know about him as he is not in the spotlight.

John Torode Children : Casper Torode, Lulu Torode, Jonah Torode, & Marselle Torode


John Torode had a number of 4 children, two from his marriage with Angela Torode, and two from his Ex-wife Jessica Torode. He had Casper Torode and Marselle Torode with Angela and Jonah Torode and Lulu Torode with Jessica. But currently he is not with any of his baby mamas for reasons we do not know, rather he is with his third wife, Lisa Faulkner, whom he married in 2019.

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Casper Torode Wife


Clearly John Torode has issues with his first and second marriage, he had two kids with his first wife Angela Torode, but his relationship with her later took turns and it ended. He married Jessica Torode in 2000, they separated in 2011 and finally he is now with his third wife Lisa Faulkner.

Lisa Faulkner is a celebrity and some fans posted online that “Thanks to Lisa and John For Shearing Their Homemade Recipe During The COVID-19 Pandemic”.