Is Neena Rani Chumber Body Found? ( Dead Or Alive )

A 49 year old Rani Neena Chumber was declared missing on Feb 17, 2022. According to her family description, she is 5-feet-1-inch tall with a medium build and a beauty mark near her right eye. She was also said to have left the house wearing a knee-length brown coat, brown boots, and a dark toque.

Her daughter said she left home at 5:40 p.m. after serving her son tea and taking the trash outside , she drove away immediately without even specifying where she was going. She did not bring her phone, wallet or identification documents with her. After thorough searching by the police, they later found her car parked on Letellier St. near Gouin Blvd. W. The car’s doors were unlocked and the keys were found on the sit. 

Neena Chumber Rani Missing

Her daughter revealed in a statement that before she went missing, she had been depressed lately and acting weird. She also said she has tried to find help for her mother by fixing appointments with doctors and therapists but all her effort proved abortive. Futher more, she pleaded with the cops to please do everything in their power to make sure she was found. 

After more than two months of looking for Neena, the cops finally found her body. But was she dead or alive? Find out in the next section.

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Neena Rani Chumber Body Found: Dead Or Alive?


Sadly, Neena Rani Chumber was found dead. Her body was found on 17th of April, This left most of her family members disheartened. According to the police report after examining the body, they did not find any sign of struggle or wether she was murdered or she committed suicide.

The cause of her death is still unknown. However, her daughter pleaded with the cops to fix CCTV at their park to avoid something like this in the future.