Who Is Neil Bicknell ? Joanna Scanlan Husband

Neil Bicknell is another personality on our list that’s famous because of a family member, he married a famous British actress and script writer named Joanna Scanlan in 2009. Since he is famous because of his wife, not much information about him is online. However, we will share every little bit of information we could gather about him here.

Neil Bicknell is a successful accountant with many investment, he indulge in his own banking business in 1987, and he managed the business successfully. During his course as an account, he become the owner of two pension commission and he became a CEO of one. 

Neil Bicknell: Joanna Scanlan’s Husband


Neil married Joanna in 2009, the two love birds met in a yoga competitors in Devon and they fell in love. The couples married two years later. Joanna is a British actress and a script writer that has featured in different types of movies.

She is particularly famous with her role in Puppy Love, The Thick of It and other British series. She bagged different awards and nominations at BAFTA TV Awards including two for Best Writing.

Neil Bicknell Children, Does He Have Any? 


Neil Bicknell and Joanna Scanlan doesn’t have any children together, Joanna revealed in one of her statements that not giving birth is one of the reason she is making it big in the entertainment industry.

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Neil Bicknell Age: How Old Is He?


Neil Bicknell age or date of birth is not disclosed online, but his wife Joanna is 61 years old. So there are chances that he is in his early 60 or late 60.

Neil Bicknell Net worth 


Getting information about Neil net worth is almost impossible as nothing about his net worth is available online. But as an account with different investment, it’s safe if we say he has stacked up a noticable amount of money.