Ninna Priscilla Brando: Everything You Need To Know

Ninna Priscilla Brando daughter of Maria Cristina Ruiz and Marlon Brando was born on May 13, 1989 in United States. The 33 year old is one among the 11 children of  famous American actor Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando Jr. was born on April 3, 1924, and he died  on July 1st 2004, The cause of his death was not revealed to the press.

The American actor was famous for featuring in different types of movies and he also bagged many awards and nominations during is acting career.  Some of the awards Brando received during his lifetime includes, being qualified as one of the significant actors of the 20th century.

He also received two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and one Cannes Film Festival Award. All this sum up indicates that he was a legend in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Ninna Priscilla Brando ?

Ninna Priscilla Brando is a celebrity child, the 35 years old was born in the united states of America, but she later moved to tahiti where she studied. Research made it know that there was a time Ninna appeared on tv screen, but ever since then, she hasn’t appeared. Ninna Priscilla Brando was married to a french actor vincent gallo. Not much of information was discovered about the children they had together. 

Ninna Priscilla Brando Parents 


Maria Cristina Ruiz and Marlon Brando are the parents of Ninna Priscilla Brando, the two lovebirds had three children together before they divorced. In 2002, after the lovebirds have divorced, Maria sued Marlon Brando for breach of contract, the mother of three demanded a price of $100 million as a compensation price.

She claims that Marlon Brando no longer provide all support and maintenance to her, she added that although Marlon has kept paying child support, he doesn’t pay for her own maintenance.

Ninna Priscilla Brando Siblings


Since Ninna Priscilla father had 11 children, some were adopted while some are her half siblings, this implies she has 10 siblings. Christian Brando, Miko Brando, Simon Teihotu Brando, Rebecca Brando, Tarita Cheyenne Brando, Petra Brando-Fisher, Maimiti & Raiatua Brando, Myles and Timothy are Ninna siblings. 

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Ninna Priscilla Brando Father’s Cause Of Death

The only information we could gather about him was that Priscilla Brando father Died of lung failure in 2004.

How old was Ninna Father Marlon Brando when he died?

The legend died at 80 years. After his demise, it was discovered that the American actor disinherited some of his children and grandchildren.