What’s Opay USSD Code ( For Transfer, Loan, Airtime & OTP )

You may be experiencing difficulties when making transactions on your opay App, at this moment you may have to use their USSD Code. But I guess you are here because you don’t know what the Opay USSD Code is, don’t worry we will be sharing that with you very soon. Some people here may not be aware that Opay has a USSD Code for easy banking, yes they do. Before we proceed, let’s quickly give you a brief information about opay.

Opay is one of those digital mobile banking apps that allows its users to send and receive money. Opay is widely used in Nigeria among business owners for transferring and receiving funds. The Mobile app also offers a POS machine for their agent, this serves as another form of employment opportunity. Moving forward, I will be giving you lists of opay USSD Code and their uses.

Opay USSD Code For Banking Transactions 


At times you may be in a situation whereby your Mobile network is not working, or perhaps you are unable to login into your opay app and you need to perform an urgent transaction, well that’s why the Ussd Code is available.

Opay Transactions Opay USSD Code (*955#)
Transfer To Opay Account  *955*1*amount*10 digit account number#
Transfer To Bank Account  *955*2*amount*10 digit account number#
Airtime For Self  *955*3*amount#
Airtime For Others  955*3*amount*phone number#
Buy Data  *955*4*mobile number#
Funding Bet Wallet  *955*5#
Electricity Bills Payment  *955*6#
Check Account Balance  *955*0#
Request For OTP *955*010#
Opay Card Activation  *955*03121#

Using this Opay USSD code is quite easy, all you have to do is open your phone caller, and dial the suitable code for the transaction you will be performing at that particular moment. You can choose to use the *955# pin which will display all the available options or use the one above. 

All the pins above are legit and it’s not like other banks whereby you must link and register your phone number before the USSD Code starts to work, as soon as you create your opay account, your USSD Code will start functioning. Performing transactions with these USSD codes is free of charge and you don’t have to turn on your mobile Data. 

Not only will you enjoy mobile banking for free on OPay, you can also claim cashbacks. Cash back are available every time you purchase a specific amount of airtime, Daily cash backs, and also referral Bonuses.

To enjoy all this, you will have to own an Opay account and the above USSD codes are for only people with an Opay account. Check the next option on step to step guidelines on how to open an Opay account. 

Opay Loan USSD Code


The Opay Loan ussd code is *955#, and you can use it to monitor your loan status. However, you’re advised to dial this code on the phone number you used to register or create an Opay account. Also check Opay loan eligibility and requirements, before you proceed.

How To Open An Opay Account 


  • Download the app on play store for Android and Apple store for iOS users
  • Open the app and tap on create new account
  • Input a valid phone number and select get OTP 
  • Provide the required information
  • Verify your account
  • Set up your wallet pin

These steps required a good internet connection, and you can’t use one phone number for two accounts. You should also know that opay has a transaction limit, for a starter you can’t save more than 200,000 naira, and your maximum daily transaction limit is 50,000 naira, to increase your limits, you need to upgrade the account. Keep reading as the guidelines on how to upgrade your account will be provided in the next paragraph.

To upgrade your opay account, all you have to do is provide some of your details. For example, to upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2, you will need to provide your BVN (Bank Verification Number). With tier 2, your daily transaction limit will be increased and your maximum saving amount will also be increased.

As a person seeking for employment, You can become a merchant on opay by selecting the “Upgrade To Merchant Option” on their app. With this you will be required to download the opay business app.


How Do I Transfer To OPay Using USSD Code?

  • Dial your bank USSD Code for making transfers, 
  • select Mobile Banking
  • Input the amount you are transferring
  • Enter the Opay Account number
  • Select Opay as the bank option
  • Enter your pin

How To use Opay USSD code

Open the phone app on your device and dial *955#, proceed by selecting the type of transaction you will be performing. 

How Much Does Opay Charge For Using USSD? 


Unlike other banks, opay does not charge any amount for using their USSD Code, using the USSD Code to make transactions is definitelys free. 

How can I check my OPay account balance?


You can either check your opay balance on your Opay mobile app or using the *955*0# USSD Code .

Is Opay Safe To Use

Opay is insured by NDIC, and also licensed by CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria),this implies it’s legit and safe to use. 


Looking to know how Opay USSD codes works, worry no more as all the information you need to know has been provided above. The Opay USSD code for transactions is free and reliable, dial *955# to get started.