Steven Stayner Wife Today ( New Update About Her )

Jody Edmondson is the wife of Steven Stayner, this couple were especially famous because of the abduction of Steven stayner when he was just seven years old, Obviously they were not married during that time. Steven was kidnapped by a child molester named Kenneth Parnell and his accomplice Ervin Edward Murphy, who claimed he doesn’t know that was his ulterior motives.

The abduction took place at Merced California. After stayner escaped from his abductor, he became famous. Steven Stayner married Jody in 1985, and at that time  she was 17 while he was 20 years old.

Who Is Steven stayner? 

Steven stayner is popularly know for the stunt he pulled after been abducted by a child molester named Kenneth Parnell. Steven was just a seven year old kid when he was kidnapped, he said in one of his statement that the abductor convinced him that his parents has legally handed him over to him. As a seven year old, he followed him without asking questions.

Stayner then excaped at age 14 with a five year old victim named Timothy White. After escaping with the five year old, stayner become famous for this act. He also claimed that he has Intentionally sabotaged many of Kenneth abducting processes. Steven had three sisters and an older brother known as Cary. 

Steven Stayner Wife


Steven stayner married Jody Edmondson, and the couples had two children together, a daughter named Ashley and a son named Steven Jr.

Where Is Steven Stayner Today? 

Before the demise of Steven, the two love bird divorced and Jody remarried, however Steven did not remarried until he died of motorcycle accident in 1989 while riding home from work. Although Jody has not disclosed her whereabouts with the press, a source made it known that Jody now resides in  Sheridan, Oregon, it’s not certain if this is true or not. 

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Where Does Steven Stayner Wife live?

We don’t have a confirmed location yet but a source disclosed that she now lives in Montana. Jodi chooses a quite life so it’s hard to get informations about her current whereabout and wellbeing. 

Did Steven Stayner’s Wife Remarry?

Sadly the two lovebirds relationship ended in divorce. Jody Edmondson remarried after the divorce but stayner didn’t. Unfortunately we do not have any information about Jody husband.