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If you are among those searching for vanessa west.tripod website new url and the contents. Then you are in the right place. Indeed, the website has caused a stir online and many people are looking to know what it’s really all about, look no further as we will give you hints about the site.

This website was registered on September 29, 1994, as you can see it’s an old website. But nowadays to gain access to the website is kind of not easy, it’s even safe if we assume the website has been closed. This website domain is supposed to expire on September 28,2033 but now it’s nowhere to be found. The legitimacy of this website is quite high that there is nothing like fake news on the site.

This website give you information about the risk associated with the pictures they post, Vanessa West enlightens its user more about likely incidents that may occur when using a particular object, user description is advised as some of the images on this site may be frightening and disgusting. You will get to read about victims experience and pictures that explains the result of their actions.

Vanessa West Tripod gives you access to lots of crime related story, courtrooms videos, true life story and it will also provide you with images as evidence. To gain access to the site, all you have to do is search for it online and click on the most related search results. But before you proceed we advise you to tred carefully as some of the images on this site may be terrifying and unsettling. 

Not only does Vanessa West Tripod give you access to crime scenes pictures, they also give details like the address of the offender and their bibliography. This made some blogs write about her meeting with one of the most famous serial killers in the world Jeffrey Dahmer. 

The Debate between Dahmer and Venessa west tripod


There was a Murder that happened in the 1980s, the gruesome murder of 17 people, the culprit name is Jeffrey Dahmer. Not only was he a serial killer, he also practiced all parts of brutal killing, cannibalism and necrophilia. This story trends with over 170 million views in its first week of publication, this left people wondering if Vanessa West Tripod is legit or not. 

vanessa west.tripod

Just as I said earlier, this website may be down currently, or moved to a new domain. The site url is