What’s The Cash App Bank Name Address Currently Address?

Cash app is a peer to peer payments platform used for banking transactions. With Cash App, transactions like sending of funds and receiving of funds become easier. Although this app performs banking functions, they do not own any physical structure anywhere. All their transactions are performed online. We figured you might be in need of the cash app Bank name to complete a transaction, that’s why we have prepared in this content a well detailed information about that.


Cash apps might be performing the function of a bank, but please be aware that this platform is not a bank, it’s rather a peer to peer payment platform that processes their transactions online. Due to this, Cash App has partnered with two banks, one for processing Cash Cards and the other for managing customers direct deposits. What are the names of these banks, their address, and their routing number? Keep scrolling to find out.


To receive money on your Cash App through direct deposits, you will need to provide your account number, routing number and also bank name. Cash App is aware of this and that’s part of the reasons why they partnered with Lincoln Savings Bank which helps them with the management of customers direct deposit and also Sutton Bank which helps them with issuing Cash Cards.


Is Cash App a Bank?

No, cash app is not a bank. Cash App is a payment platform developed by a financial company to send and receive money among its users. This app enables users to send and receive cash with ease. However all Cash app transactions are run online so no physical structure anywhere.


Sending of funds, receiving of funds, trading of cryptocurrency, owning a family account, earning referral bonuses and cashbacks are some of the features to enjoy on the App.

What’s Cash App Bank Name? 


As we have promised earlier, we have prepared a well detailed information that will clear your doubts about Cash App bank name, now for those asking what is cash app bank name, the answer is Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton bank. Somebody might be looking to send money to you on Cash App using the direct deposit option, it’s no doubt you will need the cash app name and their routing number. For easy withdrawal using the ATM machine, Sutton Bank is in charge of providing Cash cards to For Cash App users.

How Does Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Work With Cash Apps?


Since Cash App can’t provide FDIC-insured accounts, they need to partner with banks that could. That is when Sutton and Lincoln Savings Bank comes in. They provide some service that the App can’t render to its users.

What Is Cash App Account Number


Before you can transfer from one bank to another, you will need to have the receiver account number and probably their routing number. If you are sending money from one cash app account to the other, then all you will need is the receiver Cashtag and gmail. but if it’s direct deposit, you will need the recipient bank name, account number and also their routing number. Below is a way to check your Cash app routing number and account number

  • Launch Cash App mobile App 
  • Tap the  ‘Money’ option 
  • Select the “Account and Routing” text next to your balance
  • Click the Copy button next to the Account Number to copy it.

How To Get Cash App Bank Account Number And Routing Number


  • Open The Cash App Mobile App on your device
  • Move to the profile Section and proceed by tapping on the “Profile” option which can be found at the top left corner of your screen
  •  You will see the bank name in the “Fund” section

Cash App Bank Name And Address


In case you have any complaints, below is the cash app Bank address.


  • Bank Name: Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Address: 508 Main, PO Box E Reinbeck, IA 50669.
  • Routing Number: 073 902 422
  • Account type: Checking
  • Account Number: User Cash App Number
  • Bank Name: Sutton Bank
  • Bank Address: Address: 1 S Main St, Attica, OH 44807
  • Routing Number: 041 215 663
  • Account Type: Checking 
  • Account Number: User Cash App Number

How to Enable Direct Deposit Through Cash App


  • Open the Cash App Mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the “Banking” Option which can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to locate the  “Direct Deposit.” option, click on it
  • Choose the “Get Started” section which can be found under the “Automatic Setup” option.
  • Select the “search”function to search for your employer.
  • Finish this process by following the next set of Instructions.

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How Long to Start Getting Direct Deposit to your Cash App Account


In most cases, your direct deposit will be processed within 5 working days, however if yours is taking longer than usual, we advise you to contact the Cash App support Group.